Socially Necessary Services Client Review

In July, the Socially Necessary Services program went through a client review. We were over whelming pleased with the outcome. The majority of the clients gave all positive reviews for our employees, but several of our clients took it upon themselves to say some really wonderful things about our employees. Some of the comments that were made were about how helpful, and amazing our employees are. Some clients mentioned that without the help of our staff, that they didn’t know where their families would be. It was truly inspiring to hear these comments from our clients. We decided to recognize those that were positively recognized by their clients. Each of these people have received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Client Reviews from Home Base Inc. for their dedication and hard to work.


Alexandra Norris – Ohio/Marshall County
Ashley Burns – Grant/Hardy County
Ashley Crandall- Harrison County
Brittany Davis – Kanawha County
Brittney Smallwood- Grant/Hardy County
Carmella Rice – Berkeley County
Crissi Christy – Harrison County
Eric Crook – Ohio/ Marshall County
Eric Moats – Harrison County
James Jordan- Ohio/ Marshall County
Jessica Gajtka- Daniels- Ohio/ Marshall County
Joseph Lins- Berkeley County
Laura Childers- Wood County
Leslie Davis- Randolph County
Misty Waits- Grant/Hardy County
Nicole Bay- Harrison County
Nina O’Connor- Berkeley County
Stacy Rogers- Harrison County
Stella Bryan- Ohio/ Marshall County
Summer Harper- Ohio/ Marshall County
Tracie Allen- Wood County
Yalonda Simmons- Ohio/ Marshall County


Thank you to all of our employees for their continued dedication and hard work. It is truly appreciated.