Home Base Inc. is founded on the premise that children have an innate desire to be accepted as valuable human beings; that they long to fully contribute to the success of their own lives; that children can meet their full potential relying solely on their innate abilities, provided their efforts are not hindered by unnatural barriers or impediments; and that all children are entitled to respect, dignity, opportunity and love.
022680057-sad-teenage-boyWe believe that when it becomes necessary to remove a child from his or her family, either for the child’s personal safety and well being, or to allow the child an opportunity to build some resiliency with which to cope within his natural environment, it is rarely beneficial to remove the child from his community. We understand that a child is better able to build his or her self esteem by succeeding where he or she has previously failed than by succeeding in a removed and unnatural environment such as an institution or secured residential treatment facility.

Home Base Inc.’s mission is to give these children an opportunity to realize that success is his or her responsibility; to provide a home absent of malignancies such as discrimination, humiliation, poverty, abuse, neglect, indifference and selfishness; and to establish in each child a real sense of responsibility to his or herself as well as to their community.