Looking Forward

A Note from the Founder and CEO

Damon Cater, Founder and CEO

Damon Cater, Founder and CEO

Next month, Home Base Inc. will be 17-years-old. From my perspective, having founded the corporation in 1996, I can tell you that time is definitely relative; creeping by at a snail’s pace in many of the early years that we were

getting off the ground, operating on shoe-string budgets, and flying by like a Japanese high-speed train when we were opening offices throughout the state – at a rate of one per year.

We have had many triumphs as well as many heartbreaks. Yet here we are — stronger than ever and looking forward to a bright and meaningful future.

Home Base Inc. has always boasted of being the only truly community-based residential treatment program in the state. Our recidivism reports that are on file with the residential licensing board certainly indicate that it

is one of — if not the most — effective program in the state. We are successful in preventing kids who enter residential treatment from relapsing and returning to state custody.

Today we can also boast that we are the largest and most widely used Socially Necessary Service provider in West Virginia.

“We are successful in preventing kids who enter residential treatment from relapsing and returning to state custody.”

With offices located in Randolph, Marion, Kanawha, Greenbrier, Hardy, Berkeley and, most recently, Ohio counties, Home Base Inc. is the most comprehensive and physically-accessible SNS provider beating all other agencies hands down in the entire state.

We owe this success to all of the workers who have dedicated their efforts to the families and children we serve.

From our very beginning, Home Base’s leadership has continued to develop a culture that values and prioritizes relationships with and among employees. This is evident in the payroll and benefits that the agency provides. Employees are also treated compassionately during time of need and crisis.

I’m proud to report that we enhanced salaries for all residential child care workers in 2011, and rate increases were approved for OCs meeting annual requirements. These actions reflect HBI’s commitment and appreciation of the employees who operate this agency.

And I believe we can do more.

We are currently working on strategies to improve and simplify billing — freeing-up OCs and Unit Supervisors to focus on families and supervision. This process allows OCs to enter their billing hours into a web-based program that generates all the required authorizations and forms to accurately bill for services.

We are also always researching the best rates for premiums and quality health insurance coverages. Recently we added dental and eye care to our comprehensive coverage package at very little cost per month to the employees.

Home Base Inc. will continue to grow, as new health care reform policies increase the need for services to our most vulnerable families and children.

As we grow, more opportunities outside of the child care and therapeutic skill set will become necessary — including training, human resources, information technology, and marketing and communications.

I encourage you to talk to your friends and family about their professional goals and interests in working for one of the most progressive and innovative DHHR contractors in the state.

Thank you all, for your hard work and dedication.


Damon Cater Founder/CEO