Job: Overnight Awake Employee

Title Overnight Awake Employee
Salary $8.76/ Hour
Location Buckhannon, WV
Job Information

Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED and experience with the targeted population preferred

Purpose: The Overnight Awake Staff has the responsibility of supervising and ensuring the welfare of community based group home residents during overnight hours. Position includes working weekends, working in either group home (Buckhannon, or Weston, WV). 


·        Report to Site Clinician

·        Supervise all residents overnight

·        Ensure all residents are in bed and asleep

·        Perform a bed check of each resident every 15 minutes

·        Document bed checks on time-clock sheets at assigned times (there should be something documented in each allotted time slot)

·        Make sure music levels are low and not disturbing to others

·        Laundry is to be done as needed (towels, linens, client clothing, etc.)

·        Dishes should be washed and put away

·        Ensure a clean and healthy environment

·        Wake up residents at the designated time

·        Help ensure that clients are ready for the day ahead

·        Perform any other duties as assigned by Site Clinician or Executive Director

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